Cancer born on July 14

Planet: The Moon

A demonstrative and imaginative person, you inspire others by your courage and leadership.

You are kind and open-hearted, and have a real gift of hospitality, always making others welcome.

As born on July 14 you are great at promoting a person or cause you believe in, and your endorsement makes a world of difference.

This could be a good career choice for you as people take you seriously.

You have an artistic streak and are an avid collector of fine and precious artefacts, especially gold jewellery.

You know the value of things.

In relationships you are an ardent lover and want to impress and dazzle your partner, but you also want to rule the roost.

They will be more than satisfied basking in the glow of your love.

A family barbecue with you at the helm will always be a success and please others as much as yourself.