Cancer born on July 13

Planet: The Moon

You are a highly subjective person with radar for how other people are feeling.

You give compassion, affection and understanding and in return you expect the same.

People feel an immediate rapport with you.

However, at times you can overflow with feeling and get very needy, which can be smothering.

As born on July 13 you adore history and love acquiring valuables and antiques.

You have many collections and hold onto things for sentimental reasons.

This results in you being a hoarder so periodic clear outs are essential.

Being the faithful type there’s a strong chance you’ll marry your childhood sweetheart.

Your relationship gives you the stability you crave.

You require an earthy and practical person to balance you.

If you get caught up with negative feelings, reach out for help.

You respond well to flower essences or homeopathy.