Cancer born on July 10

Planet: The Moon

As born on July 10 you are a loyal and responsible person with good listening skills which makes you a well-liked and trusted confidant.

You have old-fashioned values and love tradition.

You are ambitious and work hard in life to get to the top.

A true patriot, you work out of love, for your kin and your country.

You have a protective instinct which is admirable.

You will always keep to the letter of the law.

You are shrewd at business, especially as you mature.

You need to be respected.

You have an air of gravitas about you and people often comment that you are too serious.

The single life is not for you; you yearn for a secure and stable relationship and for someone to be waiting for you when you get home.

Swimming is a perfect antidote to all the hard work you do.