Capricorn born on January 9

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 9 you are a buoyant and optimistic person who can also be deadly serious; a combination that is disarming and enigmatic.

You love being in a position of writerity, are extremely ambitious and enjoy getting older as people treat you with more respect.

You are open-minded, love exploring fresh fields and expanding your circle of influence, often travelling overseas with your work.

Since knowledge is so important to you, your ideal role is that of mentor or educator.

The legal profession, or even the constantly evolving world of the internet, may also beckon.

Ever restless and needing constant change and stimulus, it’s not easy for you to settle down with just one person or career.

You are a charming lover, easy-going and fun to be with.

As you love one-to-one combat, a game of snooker or squash is your ideal workout.

Strengths: Liberal, optimistic.

Weaknesses: Determined, unsettled.