Capricorn born on January 7

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 7 you are a refined and graceful person with immense style and elegance.

You are socially adept and know how to play your cards right so you succeed in business.

There is a strong sense of purpose in your life – you know where you are going and work steadily to get there.

You are able to surround yourself with the most influential people who can advance your career.

The worlds of fashion, architecture and finance all have appeal for you.

At times you plan too strategically and lack spontaneity.

You want people to like you, so you find it hard to say no, which can get you into trouble.

You are an appreciative lover and a delightful companion.

You can be combative under your peaceful exterior, so sports such as rally driving or fencing are immensely satisfying.
Strengths: Graceful, driven.

Weaknesses: Calculating, inability to say no.