Capricorn born on January 6

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 6 you are a reserved and gentle person with a talent for finding the right turn of phrase.

With a deep love of the spoken word you are articulate and your humour can be hilarious.

You are logical and methodical, and get immense satisfaction from following routines.

You make a superb editor and are constantly correcting yourself, but also correcting others.

Learning to overlook people’s mistakes is a life-long lesson.

People respect you for your achievements and your success is built on a solid foundation of hard work.

You tend to avoid risks and can’t bear to make mistakes.

Your relationships are enduring, but you need your partner to be youthful in outlook, or you will stray.

Worrying is your weakness and aromatherapy massage is virtually essential to help you unwind.

Strengths: Very funny, expressive.

Weaknesses: Cautious, critical.