Capricorn born on January 5

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 5 you are a supremely self-confident and creative person.

Your aspiration is to be at the top, and you will dedicate your life to achieving just that.

There is something of the star about you and you revel in being in the spotlight.

Although you work hard you also have time to laugh and play too, which endears you to others.

Your enthusiasm and warm-heartedness, added to your desire to make the world a better place, make you a wonderful fundraiser for charity.

You are cautious when making decisions, especially those that involve money.

A weakness is that you can be too controlling and not allow others to show initiative.

When you fall in love it tends to be forever and you are a loyal and passionate partner.

Playing children’s games is a wonderful way for you to show your silly side.

Strengths: Creative, warm-hearted.

Weaknesses: Controlling, over-cautious.