Capricorn born on January 4

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 4 you are a caring and kind person who is polite, courteous and well-mannered.

You are protective and considerate of people’s feelings both at home and at work.

As such you are suited to being in a leadership position where taking care of others is the priority and you make an excellent parent.

You are a great organizer and capable of paying thorough attention to detail.

Your family is important to you and you can be faced with making a choice between home life and your career.

Having a home-based business would be an ideal solution.

Your relationship keeps you stable and you do need to be needed.

You can suffer extreme mood swings and get caught in depression.

Activities such as sailing or swimming give you the peace and connection with your inner self that are good for your mind and soul.

Strengths: Thoughtful, solicitous.

Weaknesses: Temperamental, reliant on others.