Capricorn born on January 3

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 3 you are a highly intelligent person who loves to talk and is always learning new things.

You appear conventional and serious until you relax, when you display a silly and surreal sense of humour.

As a gifted communicator whose opinions carry weight, careers as varied as a minister or a political satirist are suitable.

With your ready wit you attract friends of all ages and people just adore being in your company.

You love playing practical jokes on friends, but can’t bear to be laughed at yourself.

You are very adaptable and keep up with the latest trends, especially gadgets that aid communication.

Your relationships are diverse but the person who sees through your many masks and captures your heart is for keeps.

Fancy dress parties allow you to indulge your fun side and entertain others.

Strengths: Great sense of humour, talented conversationalist.

Weaknesses: Insecure, furtive.