Aquarius born on January 29

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 29 you are a clear-headed, logical person with a passion for changing the world.

You value the truth above all things and are not afraid of talking about subjects that others find shocking.

You are the revolutionary or campaigner whose objective is not to fight, but to persuade others to come round to your point of view.

You can be a law unto yourself and incredibly stubborn if people try to force you to do anything against your will.

Friends really matter and you love being in groups.

You are of a scientific and intellectual bent so you tend to gravitate toward careers where your mind is fully engaged.

Intimate relationships are your weakness as it isn’t easy for you to connect with deep emotions.

A fiery partner can get through your defences and humour always works.

A rhythmic exercise like jogging is great for you.

Strengths: Judicious, peaceful revolutionary.

Weaknesses: Fear of intimacy, bull-headed.