Aquarius born on January 27

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 27 you are an adventurous and daring person with a pioneering spirit.

Highly independent, you do your own thing with considerable originality and self-confidence.

Your bold, adventurous spirit is much admired by more timid souls.

However, you can charge ahead in your enthusiasm and lack sensitivity to see that you may be treading on others’ toes.

Your life can evolve in a way that inspires others.

A superb teacher, explorer, film or theatre director, your career choices are many and varied.

A rolling stone, you have a problem settling down and in your intimate relationships you need a great deal of freedom.

Daring sports where you feel challenged are vital if you are at all restricted in your daily life.

Hang gliding, skiing or jumping from a plane are just a few you might try.

Strengths: Adventurous, original.

Weaknesses: Unsettled, insensitive.