Aquarius born on January 26

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 26 you are a powerful and magnetic person with an almost hypnotic quality about you.

Extraordinarily charismatic, you are someone that people do not forget easily.

You are dedicated to excelling at whatever you do and have amazing stamina.

Once committed, you never give up on a project.

You pride yourself on doing a thorough job and set high standards.

You excel at business, are a brilliant entrepreneur and are not fazed at handling large amounts of money.

Your weakness is jealousy, which comes from a sense of insecurity when young.

A committed relationship is the making of you, as you allow yourself to be vulnerable you become more open and loveable.

You love the dark and the eclectic, so a rock concert or a jazz club are natural places for you to hang out and enjoy yourself.

Strengths: Alluring, staying power.

Weaknesses: Jealous, perfectionist.