Aquarius born on January 24

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 24 you are a methodical and industrious person with great capacity for research.

With an excellent systematic mind, analysing and synthesizing is what you do best.

You have the abilities necessary to be a graphic designer or an astrologer.

The mind/body connection fascinates you, and health and healing play an important role in your life, either through personal ill health or the desire to help others.

Working in alternative medicine also attracts you.

You can be rather clinical at times and people can feel as though you are scrutinizing them too closely.

In relationships you are friendly and affectionate, but need a passionate partner to set you on fire and bring you out of yourself.

You can get lethargic, so a trip to a theme park, with all the thrills of the roller coaster, will infuse you with physical energy.

Strengths: Curative abilities, investigative mind.

Weaknesses: Lethargic, dispassionate.