Aquarius born on January 23

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 23 you are a flamboyant and creative person who is sincere and honest.

You are naturally generous and extremely chivalrous.

A born idealist, you are attracted to campaign for social reform.

With a regal and dignified manner, you appear to have innate confidence.

However, that is not always true as there are times when you lack assertiveness and if you are not in the leadership position you can get very downhearted.

Although you can be arrogant at times your need for affection and admiration makes you vulnerable and very lovable.

When you’re in love – which is frequently – you shine as romance is second nature to you.

However, you can get over-dramatic and sabotage a good relationship because it isn’t exciting enough.

A thrilling sport such as skiing or snowboarding will lift you out of negative moods.

Strengths: Artistic, valiant.

Weaknesses: Self-doubting, self-important.