Aquarius born on January 22

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 22 you are a sensitive and helpful person with a keen intelligence.

You are totally devoted to the truth and to helping people have a better life. Eccentric and unorthodox in your approach, you are essentially well meaning.

Being self-employed suits you best, although you are attracted to being part of a small team and social work has enormous appeal.

Working for a charity is ideal as long as you are allowed a lot of freedom to implement your original ideas.

In personal relationships you can be cool and detached on the outside, but underneath your heart is soft and tender.

Emotionally you can suddenly cut off and your partner needs to shower you with affection without being clingy, which takes some skill! Flower remedies are very helpful for you to relax and get in touch with hidden feelings.

Strengths: Accommodating, soft-hearted.

Weaknesses: Aloof, restless.