Aquarius born on January 21

Planet: Uranus

As born on January 21 you are a bright and breezy person with a cheerful manner.

A brilliant communicator, you are the archetypal traveller on the super-highway that is the internet.

Science and computers play an important role in your life and you could be a journalist or work in advertising, as the media invigorates you.

A natural mimic, you are witty and great fun to be around so you have a large, ever-changing group of friends.

Incredibly restless, your weakness is spreading yourself too thin, always jumping from one new idea to the next and never focussing.

In relationships you are easy-going and view your partner as your best friend.

They need to be a down-to-earth type who helps keep your feet on the ground.

Talking a lot tires you, so chill out with some soothing meditation music.

Strengths: Scintillating, conversationalist.

Weaknesses: Agitated and, at times, tense.