Capricorn born on January 20

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 20 you are a practical and peaceful person with good old-fashioned traditional values.

You are patient and well-disciplined and always stay the course.

Physically and emotionally you improve with age and assume the role of the elder with immense style and grace.

You work hard to achieve material success as it buys you the home and the security you need.

It often takes early success, however, to give you the self-confidence to meet challenges.

Your weakness is that you can be too possessive of things and people and become reliant on the same familiar routines.

As born on January 20 you are a trustworthy and generous friend and love to invite people over for dinner parties.

Your relationship means a great deal to you and you tend to meet your life partner at an early age.

A treat that helps loosen you up is an aromatherapy massage, worth every penny.

Strengths: Dependable, calm.

Weaknesses: Controlling, afraid of change.