Capricorn born on January 2

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 2 you are a friendly and reliable person with a great deal of common sense.

Ever the realist, you know and appreciate the material world and have excellent organizational skills.

Budgeting is your forte; you can be frugal when needed, and have a good eye for a bargain.

With a deep love of all things that combine beauty and usefulness, you would make a superb architect or furniture designer.

The role of financial manager would also suit you.

You can be controlling and rigid in your outlook and are thrown off track when people don’t follow the rules.

You are a sensual lover, and once committed, are loyal and faithful.

Learning to be flexible is your biggest challenge.

With your love of nature and artistic colour sense, gardening is the ideal hobby.

Strengths: Amiable, pragmatic.

Weaknesses: Domineering, obstinate.