Capricorn born on January 19

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 19 you are a helpful and trustworthy person that others depend upon.

Intensely ambitious, you make a sure and steady climb to the top.

Always working, you need material security and recognition for your accomplishments.

Status really matters to you.

There are times when you can get overwhelmed with the monumental tasks you have set yourself, so it is vital to make time to be with friends into your busy schedule.

Remember, it can be lonely at the top.

A lover of tradition, you have a strong set of values and marriage suits you.

Your partner gives you much-needed balance and you are attracted to an emotional person who just adores you.

You maintain a well-organized household and strive to ensure that everyone feels secure.

Letting your hair down with some light-hearted fun will lighten your load.

Strengths: Reliable, determined.

Weaknesses: Tendency to overwork, uptight.