Capricorn born on January 18

Planet: Saturn

You are a big-hearted, extravagant and hard-working person.

A builder and adventurer, you are on a quest to discover yourself and the world.

You never cease from garnering knowledge and distilling it into your own unique brand of wisdom.

Not suited to be an underling, you thrive when self-employed.

A shrewd gambler, your intuition is strong, so you make calculated risks and solid investments.

Your business interests are varied and could encompass a travel company, horse riding school, or running a casino.

A problem you have is wasting nervous energy, always seeking new ventures.

Love affairs are many; it’s later in life that you settle down with your intellectual equal.

As born on January 18 you are a generous partner and shower your lover with gifts.

A sporty type, you love being outdoors, so soccer or rowing is excellent.

Strengths: Intuitive, benevolent.

Weaknesses: Tendency to overwork, restless.