Capricorn born on January 17

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 17 you are an enigmatic and passionately dedicated person with a tough inner core.

Tenacious and ambitious, you apply yourself to your career and will sacrifice personal pleasures to attain your goals.

Keen to understand yourself and human emotions, you are attracted to the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

In your youth you can be self-conscious and shy, but as you get older you become more self-assured and confident.

You are a trustworthy and loyal friend and have a wicked sense of humour.

You live by a high moral code and can impose your standards on others, demanding that they behave in a certain way.

In relationship you need a faithful partner as you can be jealous and possessive.

To keep your marriage alive, an expensive dinner and a night out at a hotel with your beloved has the thrill you seek.
Strengths: Mysterious, comical.

Weaknesses: Moralistic, with a jealous streak.