Capricorn born on January 16

Planet: Saturn

You are a popular and socially aware person with an alluring aura.

You mix in influential circles and have many friends in high places.

A canny business mind, combined with a dry wit, gives you an advantage in the world of commerce.

Immensely stylish, you dress well with a chic, understated look, and you apply your good taste to everything you own.

Interior design and fashion are just two possible careers.

As born on January 16 you are intensely pragmatic, but can sometimes get trapped in negative thinking and become cynical.

Partnership is essential for you, whether personal or business, as you need someone to bounce ideas off.

A born romantic, you court your lover and take great pleasure in buying them gifts.

An art exhibition is the perfect romantic and cultural experience for you.

Strengths: Elegant, beguiling.

Weaknesses: Contrary, sceptical.