Capricorn born on January 15

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 15 you are a deeply caring person with a strong work ethic.

You work tirelessly on behalf of others, wanting to serve and help them in a practical way.

With a clear, logical mind, your communication skills are superb, and you consider precisely what you want to say.

It is rare that you get caught off guard.

You make a brilliant orator and writer especially on subjects involving a lot of research.

When upset you can be cranky and over-fastidious.

A serious student, you love learning and do so all your life.

As born on January 15 you choose friends carefully and they get to know the softer, more sentimental side of you.

In relationships you are at first cool and emotionally reserved; once you feel safe you become a thoughtful and romantic lover.

Pruning the garden is an ideal way to unwind.

Strengths: Logical mind, brilliant orator.

Weaknesses: Over-serious, fussy.