Capricorn born on January 14

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 14 you are a vibrant and forceful person whose warmth and radiance is felt by all who meet you.

A natural leader, you are cut out for high-flying business roles.

As born on January 14 you are a polished professional and had big plans for success from an early age.

As you are ambitious, you are happiest when juggling a variety of responsibilities.

Your reputation matters to you and you take care to keep your personal life private.

Although you appear supremely confident there is a always a voice of self-doubt inside.

At times you can come across as vain and self-centred, but people forgive you since you really do know how to show the way and have fun.

A naturally amorous and expressive lover, you devote yourself to your partner and family.

Charades is a great game for you and your friends.

Strengths: Animated, competent.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, sanctimonious.