Capricorn born on January 12

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 12 you are a dreamy and sensitive person who also desires material success.

Outwardly you come across as business-like and professional, in control of your emotions, but scratch the surface and you are a real softy.

Artistic and prepared to work long and hard, you can establish an excellent career for yourself in theatre, art or creative writing.

Your sensitivity also makes you a compassionate counsellor as you are willing to help people on a practical level.

Your weakness is that you can take on others’ emotional burdens and then lose confidence in yourself.

In love you are tender-hearted and devoted to your beloved.

However, you can become very needy and dependent.

Singing opens your heart, and an evening at a karaoke bar is terrific fun for you and allows you to gain confidence in yourself.

Strengths: Creative, considerate.

Weaknesses: Lacking in confidence, insecure.