Capricorn born on January 11

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 11 you are a friendly and sociable person who is also self-contained and independent.

You have a logical mind and a clear perception of events; you can be very objective about things.

As born on January 11 you are a gifted organizer and forward planner and you have a love of order, but also of change.

Ideally you can bridge the old with the new but at times you struggle when you have to choose between tradition and innovation.

You need to be in control, to be the authority and can dig your heels in if someone challenges you.

This attitude comes from deeper feelings of insecurity which you tend to cover up.

You are attracted to unusual types, and your relationships tend to be unconventional, though a part of you yearns for security.

Being out in the fresh air suits you, so take time off walking in wide open spaces.

Strengths: Cordial, independent.

Weaknesses: Controlling, self-conscious.