Capricorn born on January 10

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 10 you are a conscientious and caring person who is a true professional.

A superb planner and indefatigable worker, you usually achieve success early in life.

One problem is that you tend to take on too much and suffer from the weight of competing demands on your time.

Learning to trust and delegate is a big lesson for you.

You love anything classic, well-made and stylish and architecture, furniture design and antiques are all areas of interest to you.

In relationships you tend to hold back until you’re 100 per cent sure, then you commit whole heartedly.

You’re the one in charge and will do everything in your power to protect your loved ones.

Behind the scenes you reveal your sensuality and often bawdy sense of humour.

A good belly laugh does you the world of good.

Strengths: Diligent, protective.

Weaknesses: Prone to stress, unable to delegate.