Capricorn born on January 1

Planet: Saturn

As born on January 1 you are a person with initiative and a tremendous drive to succeed.

Intensely ambitious, you never stop creating and overcoming challenges.

Highly competitive and focussed, you have the attributes of an athlete or business tycoon, and you are quite willing to undertake the rigorous training needed to get to the top.

You surround yourself with the trappings of success; the right car and home are important to you as you feel they prove your worth.

You can be blind to others’ feelings, and at times you ride roughshod over weaker opponents; you are also a poor loser.

Your lover needs to be someone you are proud of, and once you are sure that they admire you too, will be a devoted partner.

Your energy needs to be released through a tough physical workout at the gym.

Strengths: Motivated, energetic.

Weaknesses: Intimidating, a bad loser.