Aquarius born on February 7

Planet: Uranus

You are a stylish and eccentric person who enjoys a rich social life.

People-watching and chatting with friends are your favourite pastimes.

A lover of beauty, you are superbly suited to working in the arts or the fashion industry.

With a gift for mimicry and a cosmopolitan sense of humour, you can shock others, but in the best possible way, with no intention of hurting them.

As born on February 7 you are an innovator and part of the avant garde set.

If people take advantage of your good nature and kindness you can be quite forthright in stepping away from your involvement.

A born lover, relationships are the breath of life for you.

However, you can over-intellectualize your partner and neglect to connect with them emotionally.

You often stay up late socializing with friends, so need some quiet time at home relaxing, listening to music or reading.