Aquarius born on February 5

Planet: Uranus

You are an inspired person with the potential to be a creative genius.

As born on February 5 you are a visionary who takes on new ideas enthusiastically and can be an accomplished inventor.

With a strong sense of individuality, you need to express your uniqueness through creative work.

Never the shrinking violet, you naturally take the lead.

An important aspect of your drive to succeed is to see your name up in lights.

Acting, whether professionally, or as an amateur, is very fulfilling for you as you need to feel feted by others.

However, you can be vain and take great offence if people ignore you.

Love plays a large part in your life and you always believe the best of your partners.

This can lead to you being deeply disappointed, so you rely heavily on your friends to console you.

Channel your heartbreak into creativity; it will reward you.