Pisces born on February 27

Planet: Neptune

As born on February 27 you are an intensely passionate and fiery person with a generous heart.

A seeker of truth, you are attracted to higher education and philosophy.

Deeply spiritual, you tend to avoid the conventional religions of your native country, experimenting with those of a foreign culture.

You are able to find meaning in the tragic and negative situations in life.

As a creative person with ‘big picture’ mentality, you need a lot of freedom to explore and move around.

Movies are an ideal career path for you, especially directing.

The roles of therapist or teacher are also suitable.

In relationships, you are very open and giving, but you have high expectations.

You can be deeply disappointed in love, and easily get caught sacrificing things you love which leads to resentment.

Being actively involved with an overseas charity helps you to rise above everyday problems.