Pisces born on February 22

Planet: Neptune

As born on February 22 you are a compassionate and thoughtful person who is very warm and generous.

Extremely emotional, you are always in touch with your feelings.

You know instinctively what people are feeling and they can count on you for comfort and a sympathetic ear.

Helping others is your raison d’être and you would make a superb counsellor, minister of religion or healer.

Your biggest weakness is your extreme sensitivity, and you can be offended by the slightest thing.

In relationships you come alive, and an appreciative partner can help you flourish.

Domestic life suits you and you are content to play the parental role.

Living and being by water is a priority, so installing a water feature – such as a miniature waterfall or pond in your garden – relaxes you and restores your wellbeing.