Pisces born on February 21

Planet: Neptune

As born on February 21 you are a humorous and highly intelligent person with a great sense of fun.

A brilliant mimic with a love of words and images, you are a natural actor or screen-writer.

Whatever you do, it absorbs you totally and your mind works overtime.

You have a fertile imagination and are extremely talkative, loving to discuss your work with anyone who cares to listen.

Although you are very sociable, you can also be shy and nervous.

Your biggest gift is the ability to inspire magic in people, but you also have a tendency to daydream and be caught up in fanciful, impractical projects.

You enjoy the good things in life but are not fervent about getting ahead financially.

In love, you are tender and playful and need to be on the same wavelength as your partner.

Going to a movie allows you escape your mental chatter.