Aquarius born on February 2

Planet: Uranus

You are a sensual and kind-hearted person with a large dose of originality. You need the comforts of a solid home base and financial security, and work hard to acquire them.

As born on February 2 you are confident in your abilities and have a high opinion of yourself.

This propels you into a position of leadership as you have progressive ideas combined with a practical realism.

Some people envy this and find you smug and self-satisfied.

However, you enjoy being yourself and tend to ignore what others think of you.

Your love life is based on friendship and you need a partner who you respect intellectually.

Once you settle down, you are devoted and extremely affectionate and tactile.

Bodywork is good for you as you can get sluggish and lethargic; shiatsu or deep tissue massage are ideal.