Aquarius born on February 11

Planet: Uranus

You are a quirky and offbeat person who is eminently sociable.

As born on February 11 you have the ability to be a friend to all types of people from all walks of life.

People warm to your eccentric ways and the sense of camaraderie that you create.

You are an innovator – whether in the world of engineering, computing or fashion – and your creativity makes its mark.

Always controversial, your life is never dull.

You are restless and crave novelty; you are prone to get up and leave abruptly if bored.

In relationships you can try to fit your partner into a mould and need to learn to listen rather than fix them.

With a tendency to be highly strung, you seek a distinctive form of exercise that releases nervous tension.

Experiment with martial arts such as qi gong, kendo and karate until you find the ideal one for you.