Aquarius born on February 10

Planet: Uranus

As born on February 10 you are a self-sufficient, independent person with a great deal of common sense.

You have a realistic approach to life and are immensely disciplined.

With crystal-clear thinking, you set goals and will work your utmost to attain them.

Supremely ambitious, you have a stoical acceptance of what it takes to get to the top and your personal life can suffer as a result.

You are attracted to working in policy or for a think-tank as you are always looking to the future.

You are friendly and charitable and will offer practical assistance to those in need.

In relationships you need an equal and someone who can shake up your somewhat Spartan attitude.

Humour is your soft spot and a stand-up comedy night or trip to the theatre to see a farce can help to revitalize and balance you.