Aquarius born on February 1

Planet: Uranus

As born on February 1 you are a frank and outspoken person with radical views of how the world can be put to rights.

Your intellect is sharp and you are quick to react to hypocrisy, often through the use of humour.

You adore poking fun at the establishment and bureaucracy.

You can motivate people into action, so politics, with the cut and thrust of debate, is the perfect arena for your talents.

A good friend and neighbour, you are the ideal spokesperson for a group.

You make friends easily, but because you have so many it is difficult to have a close relationship with anyone in particular.

Intimate relationships are not easy as you love freedom and need to be able to do your own thing.

You can be highly strung and get burnt out so an exercise like t’ai chi, which uses your body but stills the mind, is beneficial for you.