Sagittarius born on December 9

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 9 you are an ebullient and intuitive person with big dreams.

Life is all or nothing for you and you have a utopian vision.

Always seeing the best in people, your enthusiasm is contagious, so you can easily rally support for your ventures.

You are a wanderer, constantly moving, always restless, and a weakness is that you tend not to finish what you have started.

As born on December 9 you are naturally joyful and always look on the bright side of life.

Generous and kind, you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work.

You have a tendency to exaggerate and be over-dramatic in your emotions, so a theatrical career is suited to you.

You are constantly seeking variety in your relationships, so you need a partner who can entertain you.

Jogging or running are ideal for you to work off your excess nervous energy.

Strengths: Cheerful, passionate.

Weaknesses: Tendency to overreact, restless.