Sagittarius born on December 8

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 8 you are an intense and intoxicating person, with mesmerizing charisma.

Hugely courageous, you dive into life experiences with a passion.

As born on December 8 you are an entrepreneur and enjoy taking on enormous challenges.

An explorer of the unknown, you have enormous mental and physical courage and can withstand large amounts of pain.

You can argue fiercely for your beliefs and are known for your stubbornness.

With your investigative mind you would perform well in the courtroom as a lawyer or working in the field of psychiatry.

When you enter a relationship you commit yourself one hundred percent and you demand that your partner is both loyal and faithful, but this can lead to many suspicious jealous out-bursts.

Lighten up and let loose your emotions at a wild rock concert.

Strengths: Entrancing, fearless.

Weaknesses: Obstinate, insecure.