Sagittarius born on December 7

Planet: Jupiter

You are a warm and sincere person with a genuine love of people.

You have a fine intellect and a passion for communicating your inspirational ideas and concepts.

As born on December 7 you thrive on hanging out with friends as you like to know what’s going on.

Very popular, you have a wicked sense of humour. You are generous with your time and money, but you can be gullible and extravagant.

As such a positive person, you have a tendency to rely a bit too much on luck to extricate yourself from difficult situations.

Injustice makes you angry and you can be a vehement supporter of the underdog. In love you are passionate, but not sentimental, and view marriage as a shared journey of like minds.

When unhappy, beauty inspires you, so treat yourself and your partner to a night out at the ballet.

Strengths: A philanthropist, understanding.

Weaknesses: Over-trusting, rely too much on luck.