Sagittarius born on December 6

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 6 you are a quietly charming person who is innately modest, yet can also take centre stage and the leadership position when prompted.

You are dedicated to high ideals and also work hard to achieve your goals.

Words and sounds fascinate you, and you convey your love of life with great enthusiasm as a writer or musician.

You are very thorough and do your homework in preparation for any major task you embark on. You can get obsessive about collating information or never throwing anything away as it might come in useful one day.

As born on December 6 you are a devoted and affectionate partner when committed, and can be shocked if your beloved strays.

At these times you can come across as moralistic and judgmental. Being outdoors in the wilderness or moorland excites and expands your vision.

Strengths: Steadfast, meticulous.

Weaknesses: Obsessive and at times deprecating.