Sagittarius born on December 5

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 5 you are a larger-than-life person with a huge creative imagination.

With a big heart and powerful vision, you can inspire many people. There is tremendous warmth radiating from you, which draws a crowd to follow you.

Everything you touch has originality and flair and the stage or a big corporation is your natural habitat.

You need to lead the show and be in the spotlight – if not you can get quite petulant and throw a temper tantrum. Pride will be your biggest downfall.

As born on December 5 you are a romantic through and through and adore being in love.

As long as you shower as much attention on your partner as you want them to give you, everything will go smoothly.

A workout down the gym, where you can show off your prowess, is wonderful for your self-confidence.

Strengths: Natural leader, inventive.

Weaknesses: Prone to temper tantrums, proud.