Sagittarius born on December 3

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 3 you are an imaginative and highly creative person who loves to take big chances in life.

You are fearless and have a tendency to take risks, whether in business, relationships or sport.

You collect information and experiences, and throughout your life you will always experiment and never cease exploring.

An expert communicator, you make a gifted writer and journalist – travel and philosophy being your specialities.

There is a mischievous side to you, and you can completely win people over with a pithy one-liner.

In love affairs you need a lot of freedom and pull away from strong shows of emotion.

This infuriates your partners and you can leave many potentially good relationships as a result.

You love socializing but can easily overdo it, so listening to music on headphones gives you the downtime you need.

Strengths: Inspired, intrepid.

Weaknesses: Scared of commitment, emotionally inhibited.