Capricorn born on December 25

Planet: Saturn

As born on December 25 you are a charming and well-mannered person who knows the rules of etiquette and abides by them.

Although you have a love of tradition you can be progressive in your views.

You have an innate sense of justice and your words – though always polite – are powerful when directed to upholding the truth.

Entering the legal profession as an advocate, or following a career as a foreign diplomat, are both attractive paths for you.

A weakness is your indecision and you can sit on the fence for a long time.

Your relationship is a true partnership, and you seek an ally; a partner who shares your ambitions.

You are loyal and tender, and thrive on entertaining your mutual business contacts.

Obsessed with looking good, you need to be stylish even when you exercise, so tennis or cricket has great appeal.