Capricorn born on December 23

Planet: Saturn

As born on December 23 you are an assertive and purposeful person with high ambitions and deep desire for recognition.

With a strong belief in yourself and a willingness to work very hard, you have the abilities of a natural leader.

You can’t bear to be in a subordinate position, but luckily for you, people generally agree that you are right person to be in charge.

Once in the right position, you lead with your heart and radiate warmth.

You achieve superb results because of the care and preparation that you put into your projects.

Be aware of a tendency to let power to go to your head; you can turn into a dictator and lord it over people! In relationships, your partner has to be your equal and yet mustn’t outshine you or you will not flourish.

Your creativity needs an outlet, and singing for the fun of it is a natural talent.