Sagittarius born on December 21

Planet: Jupiter

You are a free spirit, a vociferous and articulate person.

You are both the eternal student and also a wise teacher.

As born on December 21 you thrive on expanding your mind and increasing your knowledge.

A gifted orator, you love debating and can take the opposition view just for the fun of it.

However, you have a tendency for you to be intoxicated by the sound of your own voice.

No one can doubt your sincerity and conviction when you espouse a cause and you can persuade people to rally around you.

You have the ability to be very successful in your chosen field once you learn to have confidence in your abilities.

In your relationship you need an intellectual rapport as ideas are so vitally important to you.

Give vent to your feelings by singing your heart out, either in a choir or on your own in the bath.