Sagittarius born on December 2

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 2 you are a gifted and confident person with a huge love of life.

Highly sensual, warm and open, you are very attractive and people usually adore you.

You are spontaneous, fun and intriguing, and yet you are prone to moodiness.

Music and art play a big part of your life, whether as a hobby or as a career.

You can create huge amounts of wealth through your talent and your ability to associate with influential people.

You thrive on being at the cutting edge of the social and political scene.

Your weakness is that you can live in a dream world, glossing over the gritty realities of life.

A romantic partner who has your sense of fun and also enjoys living life on the edge will help you keep perspective and balance.

You can overspend when upset, so having a massage would be a better way to cheer you up and help you unwind.

Strengths: Genuine and passionate.

Weaknesses: Shopaholic, a dreamer.