Sagittarius born on December 18

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 18 you are an energetic and expansive person with a passion for exploration.

This is both mental and physical and you often end up living far from your birthplace. You have an overdose of optimism and love to gamble with high stakes.

As such you are the epitome of the entrepreneur and speculator.

As you get older, your social conscience develops and you become an ardent campaigner for humanitarian causes.

Carpe Diem is your motto and despite your concern for others, you tend not to recognize the harsher realities in your own life.

You can easily put on weight as you don’t know the meaning of the word limitation.

As a lover of freedom, marriage isn’t natural for you.

However, you are incurably romantic, and as long as your partner allows you to roam, you can be content.