Sagittarius born on December 17

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 17 you are a sensual person with a thirst for self-knowledge.

Life has to be stimulating for you to feel alive and you throw yourself into the primal emotions of lust, love, hate and jealousy in your quest to understand human nature.

You have a vein of optimism that carries you through the darkest despair, and your faith, though often tested, is strong.

You want to make a difference in life and work obsessively hard to achieve wealth as you appreciate the power it brings.

The role of publisher suits you, as does that of a doctor.

You are not afraid of stirring things up just to be controversial and people either love or hate you.

All your relationships are deep and passionate, as nothing superficial will satisfy you.

Your weakness is your possessiveness.

Rock climbing is your kind of sport.