Sagittarius born on December 16

Planet: Jupiter

You are an honest and optimistic person with a positive approach to life’s problems.

Whatever challenges you come up against, you get through with a philosophical attitude and bounce back.

As born on December 16 you have strong opinions and you speak your mind with candour and passion; plus you have a wonderfully mischievous side to your personality.

At ease with people from all spheres of society, you are gifted at coordinating people to collaborate on important humanitarian causes.

With your social graces you make a superb fund-raiser.

Romantic and charming, you view marriage as an epic love story or a strategic alliance.

On the negative side, you contain your deep emotions and everyday domestic chores bore you.

However, you know how to cheer your partner up with a well-timed, extravagant treat that bowls them over.